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    Two things are equally important to modern consumers: transparency and traceability.

    We want to know what we’re buying. From the origin of raw materials to the standards for animal welfare, environmental protection and social responsibility that the company complies with.

    For the consumer investing in a classic car, a beautiful designer chair or a high-end fashion item, the value of the product is also in its history. And at Scan-Hide, we want to help our customers tell that story.

    Traceability ID

    The hides that arrive at our facilities come with a unique ‘hide number’, which holds the full backstory of the animal – its country of origin, breed, birthplace and the abattoir responsible for slaughtering.   

    We scan this number and store all its information in our system. Using laser technology, we then imprint each hide with a unique number that matches the ID in our system.

    Unlike other methods of identification, this mark is resistant and stays on the hide through the entire tanning and refinement process, through to the final leather cut.

    With this number, we not only allow our customers to trace the origin of each hide; we also provide the facts they need to tell that story to the consumer.

    Using laser technology, we imprint each rawhide with a number that holds the full history of the hide.